Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rethinking Hanukkah!!

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone out there a Happy Hanukkah!! Hopefully the first two nights have been filled with light!! hehe.

Mr. Spice and I had a bunch of friends and family over for the first night of Hanukkah; we made some brisket and some Trader Joe's latkes (so freakin good). We lite the candles and then exchanged presents.

And let me tell you Mr. Spice hit this one out of the park! I don't know about where you live, but it has been cold for this part of the country this last week. I wouldn't have been surprised if it snowed. I know this is nothing compared to what's happening North and East of here, but it's been cold for us.

So what did Mr. Spice do, he bought me mittens!! And not just any mittens; mittens with a conscience!! They are made from recycled sweaters with ridiculously soft lining, and the seller on Etsy is donating a set of recycled mittens to the needy for each pair she sells.

How cute are these!??

And I had to show you an image of the great lining.

Anyway, this is my shout out to Mr. Spice and Rethinkcrafts on Etsy. I love my mittens so much! They kept my little fingers toasty warm on my way to work this morning!!

How are you keeping warm this winter? And are you giving any gifts with a green touch??

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