Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It’s easy to be Green…or is it??

As I have said in my introduction, we are trying to throw a “Green” wedding, or as Green as possible wedding. This aspect of our wedding is VERY important to me because I work in the environmental field, and it is another forum for us to try to express (really, impose) our eco-friendly values on our guests.

I think it is about time that I elaborate on what being green really means to me.


To me personally, it means that with each decision I make I ask myself- is it eco-friendly enough? I say enough because there are so many different ways to consider being green. The three buzzwords that I try to focus on (other than eco and green) are: Local, Seasonal and Organic.

Three very loaded words, but which word is best to focus on when trying to be green?

I offer one example: Flowers.

Should I try to find a florist that shops my local flower market for seasonal flowers grown locally? Or should I order organic flowers grown far away?

If I buy local flowers, they could not be organic. Meaning they could have pesticides, additional hormones, preservatives, etc. Yet, that could mean that my favorite flowers will not be available on the day of my wedding??

Yet if I buy organic flowers online, they could actually be grown in South America and flown to my destination with a huge carbon footprint, and most likely not seasonal to my local area.

Obviously, local, seasonal, and organic is the VERY BEST, but that is not always possible. So in making my decision for a florist, I asked my question: Is it eco-friendly enough?

For me, I decided on a florist that shops the local flower market, which means (1) I am taking a gamble on whether or not I will have my favorite flowers on my big day and (2) there is a chance that the flowers for my wedding won’t be organic.

But I am ok with that. I know that my flowers will be eco-enough because they will be local and seasonal.

I write this post so you can better understand that being green is not always easy or straightforward. And by no means has every decision I have made passed the eco-enough question.

BUT I hope it gets the conversation started that even the smallest decision at your wedding can have an impact. I also hope that throughout the rest of my posts you notice little choices here and there that in the end will help us feel like we have thrown a “Green-enough” Wedding.

What aspects of your wedding are green? Or green-enough?

Have your values guided your wedding day decisions?

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