Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Introducing the little rascals

Four and a half years ago, I was so excited to become an Aunt, and have loved it every day since.

Yet, I realized right before my niece was born that as a single grad student, my brother and I lived in different worlds. And at the time my sister first found out she was pregnant, I was on date number 3 with Mr. Peep. After that, I felt even more out of the loop. They both had houses and families, and I was single and gitty over the new guy I was dating. Having little rascals in the family totally changes the family dynamics- it changes a long dinner out with your family to a quick dinner, a bath, and building blocks. Yet now, I wonder how my family was every complete without them?

To this day, I am still not at the same point in life as either my brother or sister, but I am more than ok with that. I love that I get to have little ones in my life- even though Mr. Peep and I are no where near that step. And I love even more that I get to have them in our wedding. Our bridal party couldn't be complete without all four of them.

I already introduced you to our non-official ringbearer, so I here's the rest of little rascals:

First up, the leader of the pack, our flowergirl: Miss M. She's dressed and ready to go for our engagement party in this pic:

Her cousin, our second flowergirl: currently being referred to as Category 4 (she's just like a hurricane these days, and we think her new baby brother might be a Category 5 in a couple years)!!

Here they are together having a slumber party after our engagement party:

And our official ringbearer, my nephew and Miss M's younger brother, T-man, dressed up for Halloween as a dragon, but I think he's more like a lady killer with those eyes:

And I can't resist another picture of our un-official ringbearer, King Henry, to round out the pack.

Do you have nieces or nephews that you get to have liven up your bridal party and steal the thunder for being the absolute cutest?

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