Monday, December 1, 2008

Fabric Mecca

There are few things that I absolutely love about LA. #1. The Dodgers. and #2. the LA Fashion District, specifically the textiles (aka fabric).

Growing up Mama Sugar introduced me to the Garment District, and over the years I have taken a few trips to get fabric for various projects- curtains, pillows, duvet covers, etc. All very simple square projects. And while I can still really only sew a square, I have come to TOTALLY appreciate the mecca that is the LA Fashion District.

So of course on my last visit to LA, I made Mama Sugar take me around the Garment District. Now I am going to warn you, it's a little run down and a little gritty, but the fabrics are to die for!! According to this website no where else on the West coast even comes close, and I concur.

Now the Fashion District itself is HUGE, so I suggest you start where Mama Sugar always takes me first: Michael Levine's. It's the largest store there (well, one of the only true 'stores'):

Hopefully, you can start to get an idea of how HUGE this store is. Check out how many white/ivory silks they have:

We perused Michael Levines for a bit, and then hit the streets for the real fun!! Once you hit the streets everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is up for negotiation. Bargain shopping at its best. I didn't get a pic of the street vendors, but I think this pic starts to hint at all the fabric available:


Can we say fire hazard!!

First and foremost, Mama Sugar and I were looking for fabric for our Chuppah. I was envisioning lace, but a more modern looking lace (remember no sequins and puffiness for this one). The best part of the garment district, if you can dream it they have it. After about 8 or 10 stores we found it!! And I love it. Best part, only 8 bucks a yard!

Next up, I was looking for some fabric to help decorate the ceremony. This time I wanted something modern. We found a Nicole Miller, ivory silk for 11 bucks a yard. Love it!

And finally, I wanted to get some cream pashminas for my maids. Unfortunately, we could only find a fabulous $50 pashmina or a cheapo $8. So we decided to get something even better: Vintage looking wraps. We got 4 for the girls at $18 each, and I fell in love with one myself.

Here's a hint of everything we got together. All and all, a very successful morning shopping trip.

If you are in the LA area, I highly suggest a trip down to the garment district. But make sure you go with someone who knows where they are going. Otherwise, it can be a mad house.

Anyone else venture to an unknown land just for a few fabulous wedding day purchases?

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