Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gifting Decisions

So as you know, I purchased some awesome vintage wraps for my Maids already. I have also been on the hunt for a fabulous earring for my Lovely Ladies for quite some time now.

I have searched the internet through etsy and other sites, and I've even found a few sites that use eco-friendly materials. BUT I have yet to find anything I love that is affordable. That was until Mrs. Onion so perfectly posted about Dahsa Boutique, and included a 30% discount!

I found a bunch of earrings that I think would be great, and while they won't be eco-friendly, they are made in San Francisco- so at least they are local.






Here's my question to the Hive: Should I give each lady the same earring? A different one for each? Or should I give my MOH a different pair than the rest (she is already wearing a different dress)? PS they will all be wearing chocolate brown dresses, with gold shoes, and all the earrings above with be ordered in either brown or green.

Please I need advice. I am horrible at making decisions on my own, and all Mama Sugar said was, 'they are lovely.'

And if you have any links to eco- and budget-friendly earrings. I would be so up for any suggestions!!

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