Monday, March 16, 2009

Friendor: My Sparkler Maker

My friend Katie is a master jewelry maker. In fact, she's so amazing that she made all the jewelry she wore to her own wedding, and all the bridesmaid's jewelry as well. Katie is second from the left, and Bridesmaid C is third from the left:

While at my friend M's (the lovely lady on the left of the photo) wedding last year, Katie offered to make a bracelet for me for my big day!! I was so excited. Finally, my first friendor! I gave Katie basically no direction. I said make it sparkly and make it dangle. Really, that was about it; oh, and I mentioned that my bridesmaids were wearing brown.

She is so amazingly awesome she sent me three options. Here they are- aren't they all great? I tried to capture how much they sparkle!

Option 1: felt perfectly dainty on my wrist- I even wore it around the house for a few hours, I loved it but needed something a bit more.

Option 2: gorgeous, and the brown fits in perfectly with my bridesmaids outfits.

Option 3: The one I picked. I love it. It sparkles and dangles just perfectly. And I love the hint of brown to match my maids!!

If you like any of the above bracelets; would like to purchase Option 1 or 2; or would like to work with my friend Katie to custom design something: you can find her on Etsy. She does a lot of custom work so you won't find too much on her site, but she'd be more than happy to work with you doing anything. And her prices are totally reasonable. Plus, she's based in Seattle, so if any PNW brides are looking for a local jewelry maker, you must look her up!!

Any one else have a friend make you something fabulous for your big day?

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