Monday, March 23, 2009

My Hair and Make up Trail

Last I left you, I was deciding between soft and romantic or sleek and modern for my hair trial. When I got to the salon I had pretty much decided that I loved this picture:

I had also decided (with the help of my florist) that I wanted to wear a big beautiful gardenia in my hair:

So Amy from Oxenrose made sure to do a style that could incorporate a flower. I apologize for the pics from my car, but after my trail I was on my way to March Madness and I never did get a better picture. Here's part of the back:

And here's a side view:

I thought it looked great- as did everyone at the bar. But the one problem- it started to fall out. My thin hair couldn't hold up the bobby pins, so I'll be emailing Amy that I need some more supportive pins.

In addition to my hair trial, I also got my make up done!!

I had a really hard time finding images of makeup I liked, but I did find one pic on our own Weddingbee Pro Laura's website that I loved:

Because I love the hive, here I am as I arrived at the salon (pre-bang cut).

I had to put on a little foundation and lip gloss because I had a meeting that AM (more on that next time), so I can't say I am totally sans make up here.

And here I am after Mollie did her magic. I have to say that this pic was taken after my hair trail as well, so it had been a good hour and a half since she'd applied my lip stick. Plus, I had her cut my bangs a bit shorter since I am SOO bad about coming in for a bang trim.

What I loved about Mollie was we played around a bit. She initially did one eye in browns and the other in golds. I then asked for mixture of the two. She quickly removed what she had already done and combined the two- it was perfect!! See how the make up plays up the hazel in my usually brown eyes:

Since I usually wear brown and gold tones of eyeshadow this totally felt like me- just better. We didn't do foundation, but she did suggest using bronzer rather than a blush. She mentioned that the excitement from the day would naturally bring out the pink in my cheeks.

As for what makeup she used: She used Mac eyeshadow, but for everything else, she introduced me to a new brand: True Cosmetics. It's a mineral based make up line and I loved it!! On the day of she'll be giving me a lipstick and mascara for touch ups, and she'll also be putting on individual eyelashes- which I fell in love with after seeing Mrs. Cherry Pie's long lashes!!

Overall I couldn't be more excited. I was also able to book appointments on the big day for my bridesmaids and other family members!! It's going to be so much fun- they'll reserve the upper level of the salon just for us and we can bring in champagne and breakfast for a big old party!!

With about two months to go before the big day, the wedding is starting to feel real. How'd your make up and hair trial go? How far out did you do it before the actual day?

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