Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hair today...Hair trial tomorrow!!

Yep that's right, I have my hair trial tomorrow!! And let me just tell ya, this trial has been a year in the making.

What do I mean? Well, here I am circa Spring 2008:*

And here is my hair today, on the first day of Spring 2009:*

Yep. I am one of those short haired girls who has been growing my hair out for the last year. And let me tell ya- it's driving me crazy!!! You will be sure to see a Post-Wedding Chop Chop post from me very soon after the wedding. I might even dare to sneak it in before we leave for the honeymoon (three days after the wedding)!!!

While I have had a few hair cuts along the way, it feels like my hair grows freakishly slow (I've even resorted to taking prenatal vitamins to speed up the process). To add to that, I have very thin, fine hair and not a lot of it. Which means wearing it down is just not an option- unless I want ridiculously limp hair by the end of the night.

So an updo it is. Currently I am grappling with wearing my hair soft and romantic:

Or a sleek and modern:

I think that these two pics are a good blend of both:

Oh, and I must add, I will be sporting fringe on my big day, and I hope to wear a flower in my hair (it is San Francisco after all, ha ha).

What do you think? Do you know how you are doing your hair on your big day, and maybe even more importantly, where did you find pictures for your inspiration?

*Yep, I am a freak that takes pictures of my hair at work with the little Mac Cam.

All hair pictures taken from Project Wedding.

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