Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So my first dress fitting is today!! I am so nervous.

It won't actually be my dress, but a muslin of my dress made to fit my body!! While I have been working extra hard to get my body into shape (I'll post on this soon), I figured it wouldn't hurt to have some extra under-roo help.

So I went looking for the holy mecca of underwear shapers- Spanks!!!

With the help of the woman in the undies department, I grabbed a few shapers and headed to the dressing room.

First up, the Spanks shaper and smoother.


I hate to go against the grain, but I didn't love the spanks!? They were totally comfortable, and they made everything smoother, but it didn't feel like anything was sucked in.

But the winner of the trip, a surprise contender: Wacoal


It is totally comfortable, super thin, and it feels like everything is in the right place.

I only tried on two shapers so by no means am I an expert. Anyone have a shaper undergarment that they recommend?

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