Monday, March 16, 2009

I am a klutz!!

Hive, again, I need your help. I was taking some pictures last week (for Weddingbee no less) and I dropped my camera (ok, maybe more than once). All of a sudden my pictures went from this:*

To this:

Mr. PT looked it over and gave a very non-professional diagnosis- it's broken. He thinks it has something to do with the white scale. Or something like that.

This posses a big problem- with all our exciting events coming up- hello, we are getting married- we NEED a camera. And seriously, how will I take a before and after picture of my hair trial this weekend without one!! I can't let the hive down again.

Since this is not an expense that we had budgeted, I want to take advantage of a Target Gift Card that we have. Thus, our options are slightly limited. Here are the top three that we are considering. Please weigh in and let me know what you'd recommend.

Mama Peep highly recommended the Panasonic Lumix because of the Leica lens. While I wish we could afford this one:

I think this one would better fit our budget:

My co-worker is all about the Canon Powershot, and I have to admit, this one seems to have great ratings online:

And last but not least: the Casio Exilim, which would be the upgrade from my busted camera that I acutally really liked:

*These pics are a preview of our blurb guest book.

So hive, if you were buying a point and shoot camera, which one would you get!?? Help, I need it by this weekend.

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