Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, Diane, no you didn't!!

I am the absolute worst Bee Blogger ever. I went to my first dress fitting- and the camera in my battery was dead!! I feel like I committed a blogging crime by doing something so important and not taking my camera. If it's any help, my Mom was a bit disappointed that I didn't take any pictures either.

The good news is: the fitting was fantastic. To my surprise, it wasn't just a muslin of my dress- but the actual dress. At first I was totally disappointed because it was so big on me that it just looked like a satin sack. Then two fabulous seamstresses came down from the 6th floor and did their magic. Using tons of pins and a seam ripper they completely modified the dress to fit my body. At the end of the experience, I got to meet Lilly- the women who actually sewed my dress. The even more good news, I will have at least 3 more fittings- and I promise to take my camera to the next three!!

Since I feel like I owe the hive a picture of me in a dress, I thought I should follow up on my fabulous DVF dress. I've already introduced you to Peyton, but here she is on me (Sorry, I had to cut off my head):

I love her, yet very soon after she arrived I had major buyers remorse. The dress was just too much money. Last weekend, Sister Peep, SIL Peep and I had a quick moment while their little ones were napping to do a little window shopping.

We just happened to walk by a window that advertised a 60 to 80% off sale!! Within 30 seconds of being in the store, I spotted Ravine. Another Diane Von Furstenberg dress, but this one was 60% off the original price. A much better price than Peyton, and it had a lot more pizazz!! Both ladies loved the dress- so I bought the dress immediately!! It's non-returnable, but I love it so much and the price I was so great, I know that I will never regret the purchase!! I wish it photographed better (and I wish I had been wearing the right bra):

It's fun and flirty, and the price doesn't break the bank!!

Since I bought Peyton at Nordstrom, it was super easy to return her. But I am sad that I had to return the perfect little black dress.

What do you think; a lot more fun huh? How many RH Dinner Dresses did you try on? Did it take a few family members to help you finally decide on a dress?

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