Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. Peep's Wedding Kicks

While I might be slightly obsessed with finding the perfect pair of peep toe shoes to wear for the wedding, Mr. Peep has known since day one what he wanted to wear. Chucks.

I don't know if I was sold on him wearing Connies for the wedding, but as soon as I found out that he could design his own Connies, I knew he needed a pair.

So for Valentine's Day- he spent about half an hour picking and choosing colors and stitching. They came on Friday. He loves them and I actually think they are pretty fantastic too!! In fact, he's persuaded me to let him wear them for both the wedding and the reception.

He got to choose all the colors (of course he's the best fiance- they match the wedding colors!)

And he even got to personalize them with his name:

I think this is pretty cool way to personalize Mr. Peep's outfit, and it was only 60 bucks!! I think we'll have the Groomsmen wear brown Connies too.

Is your Groom adding a little excitement to his outfit??

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