Friday, March 27, 2009

Showered with love

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Peep and I made the trek down to my Brother's house for a double family shower- for Mr. Peep and I and to introduce Baby Henry to the extended family. I am sure you can guess who stole the show??

My brother lives just North of LA, so we made it a family weekend. My whole family rarely gets together- last time it was for our engagement party in August. Before that I couldn't really tell you, so it was a treat to spend the weekend with the littlest members of our bridal party. Here they all are waiting to go to the party:

When we arrived the presents were already piled high on the table:

Of course after eating and catching up- it was present time:

Can you guess who our helpers were??? I am smiling ear to ear because breakfast trays mean breakfast in BED!! While Mr. Peep is thinking- unbelievable- now I have to serve her in bed too!! It really is true love!

Mama Peep once again worked her magic, she scanned the card my Great Aunt gave my Mom for her shower over 40 years ago, and put it on the cover of our present. (I hope it didn't get thrown away!!- note to self- must look for card)

Isn't it perfectly vintage!!

The best part was that the attention quickly turned off us and onto the Baby:

See how excited all the little kids were?

I can't thank my Cousins enough for throwing such a great party!!

And a party it was. I loved that it was focused on getting the whole family together. Yet, I was most shocked when they took a picture of all the kids and I wasn't asked to be in the picture!! Being the youngest in my generation, it felt weird sitting at the big kids table and to realize that I've been replaced!

The best part, the party wasn't over after the shower. We got to go home and get some good playtime in the backyard:

And of course, I had to get in on the bubble fun:

Overall, it was so great to just hang with the fam. And I think Mr. Peep is finally getting the hang of this Uncle thing- what do you think:

All pictures by Mama Peep.

Did anyone else have a fabulous family shower weekend??

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