Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring In Bloom

This past weekend- right before my hair and makeup trial- I got a chance to meet up with our fabulous florist- Huckleberry Karen Designs- at the hotel. I hadn't met with her since May, but our meeting reconfirmed that she's the best!! And now I am doubly excited to see our flowers on the big day.

When we fist met I didn't have strong thoughts on what colors the bouquets should be. All I knew was that I wanted dahlias for the personal flowers and wheat grass for the centerpieces.

When we first sat down she promptly told me that she's already seeing dahlias at the market. AWESOME!! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I heart dahlias. In fact, we kinda picked our date so there was a glimmer of hope that we'd have dahlias on the big day. We decided that my bouquet would be more of a soft pink with whites. Something like these:

Just in case dahlias weren't going to be available I took a few inspirational pictures of other flowers:

Half way through the meeting- she started laughing. Apparently every other bride in the world would die to be in my shoes: Peonies are THE flower around the time we actually get married. And while, I love me a beautiful peony- they are sort of a second choice flower for me. But really, can you call a peony a second choice??

I also heart these sweet pink ranunculus flowers:

Or how gorgeous is this bouquet??

For my bridesmaids, I want the same flowers, but with a bit more POP. Again, dahlias, peonies and ranunculus- but a darker shade of pink. Kinda like this:

As for the boys, Mr. PT is picky. He doesn't want traditional- i.e. a rose, calla lily, or orchid. So we're going for the modern and budget friendly Mum. A white mum for him and kermit mums for the boys:

We are also doing small bouquets for the Mom's and pinned corsages for a few other female family members- this way they could pin it to their dress or their purse. I just want to make sure they are recognized.

To save on some reception decor, I bought five vases from Michaels for $3.99 each to hold the girls bouquets and to decorate the cupcake table and guest sign in table. Similar to this:

As for the reception decor, we made a last minute decision (last minute compared to the last 16 months of planning) to alternate between wheat grass centerpieces with dahlias popping up:

And a more traditional spring centerpiece:

After planning this thing* for so long, I am now officially excited for our big day! The kind of excited where your stomach starts to hurt. In the next two weeks I have a meeting with both the hotel and our photographer. It's getting close!

What made you most excited for the big day??

*yes, I lovingly refer to our wedding after 16 months as THING.
All of the photos, unless noted, are from Project Wedding.

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