Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Bee's Life: Mrs. Peeps

When I become engaged, I found myself trying to stay afloat in a whole new pool that I had never been in before: Wedding Planning. Ekkkkk. I was totally out of my element. But with a long engagement planned, I figured I had long enough to figure this whole wedding planning thing out. It's just like planning a super duper party, right???

Of course I turned to the web for help and suggestions, and pretty early on, I found myself being drawn into Weddingbee. But unlike those Bee's who dove right in, I lurked and lingered. I ate up all the posts, but very rarely commented.

At about nine months before the wedding, Mr. Peep started school four nights a week and I felt like I had all of these questions and decisions to be made and no one really to bounce ideas off of. Sure, my family is super supportive- but I didn't think anyone could love me enough to listen to my own personal drama associated with everything wedding.

I also started to really relate to a few of the new bees in the Hive and I become a bit jealous that they got picked to tell their story- yep, Snappy, PowderPuff, Taffy, Meatball- I am talking about you! Being the slightly competitive person I am, I started to think I had something to offer the Hive. I wanted to continue Mrs. Pinot Noir's journey as a Green Bride, and I needed someone to bounce ideas off of.

So just like some of the other bees- I started a blog so I could apply to be a Bee. I dove right into the wedding blogging world, and loved it. It helped me learn to swim in the crazy wedding planning pool that up until now, I had just been wading in.

Blogging helped me find my inner Bride, yet at the same time I didn't tell anyone!!! I'd ask the wedding blogging universe questions like what dress was best, which shoe should I wear, etc. But until I applied to be a Bee, no one had read my words. My blog had entered the ether, and no one had replied.

Luckily, Pengy loved my words, and a few weeks into blogging I received an email welcoming me into the hive!!! I was shocked. More over, I had to let out my blogging secret - well at least to the Mr. Not surprisingly, he was beyond supportive (and maybe even a bit jealous).

As for my icon, you have Mr. Peep to thank for my icon choice. Once he wrapped his head around me referring myself to an inanimate object, he knew for sure I should be Peep Toe. And Pengy was so great she changed my shoe from Purple to a much more "me" color- Green.

Today, I marvel at the fact that I've shared my story with you. I don't know how I would have made it through the wedding without the Hive. Little do you readers know, but us Bee's thrive from your comments and get discouraged from your silence. We totally value your opinion, your suggestions, and even more importantly your compliments. Blogging takes time, a lot of time. Some posts takes hours, days, weeks to get posted, while others just pop out on the screen like that.

With recaps halfway done, I've really tried to my best to include you on our big day. And I love that each recap lets me relive one of the best days of my life. So thank you, thanks for indulging me and letting me share my story.

Wedding planning is a crazy big pool without rhyme or reason, but some how Weddingbee really helped me gather my thoughts and get my glow on. So don't be shy. Start writing your story today. I can't wait to hear about your journey. Or become totally jealous of your cute new icon!!

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