Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love by the Bay: A Room Full of Love

My one regret about the Rehearsal Dinner - it was too short.

At 7:45, we jumped in a cab and headed over to the fantabulous Coco500 for our Rehearsal Dinner.

Which was closed just for us!!

I can't describe how it feels to walk into a room full of your favorite people. It was a party with all the coolest people we know.

It's impossible to put it into words the love that took over the restaurant- unless this picture of my 'Holy Crap, I think I am going to pee in my seat because all my favorite people are here' face - counts:

After mingling, drinks and dinner (which the guests are still talking about by the way):

After our appointed MC (FBIL Peep) made some notes:

And welcomed everyone to the dinner and welcomed me into the family, FINALLY!!

Mama Peep kicked off the toasts in style with a toast crafted around one of our favorite songs, Better Together by Jack Johnson. She pointed out that our ancestors lived miles apart a hundred years ago in Eastern Europe and again half a century ago in Kansas, yet it wasn't until 2006 that we became Better Together.

Seriously, Mama Peep Amazes Me!!

MIL Peeps toast made both Sister Peep and SIL Peep ask her for her secret to having such a great relationship with her son!!

And our friends reminded us of why they are the BEST people in our lives.

Even if it embarrassed us a wee bit.

We'll always love them.

So as our friends raised our glasses to US.

We raised them right back,

and realized how ridiculously lucky we are!!

After a night like that, I was so upset at midnight when Sister Peep told me that I was about to turn into a pumpkin, so I said good bye to Mr. Peep with joy in my eyes.

Gave him my last single girl kiss.

And went to a slumber party with the Bridesmaids.

What are you planning to do the night before your wedding??

Up Next, the big day Finally arrives and we get prettified.

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