Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Love by the Bay: We're Ready To Go

Finally, it was time for the ceremony to start.

The Cellist was ready to go:

And he started playing:

Please indulge me and listen to the sound track of the event.

The glasses and wine were set, one glass from my family and one from Mr. Peeps.

The guest had been seated:

The Programs had been handed out:

The Rabbi entered with our Chuppah holders.

As did our Groomsman, Groomswomen/SIL Peep, and Best Man:

FIL Peep and Step-MIL Peep entered.

At that moment, Mr. Peep asked his Mom to help hold him up.

To help get him down the aisle.

Hugs were exchanged.

Mama Peep made her entrance with BIL Peep:

The girls walked in:

MOH Peep walked in with her suddenly shy daughter (who was still carrying her bouquet):

And finally, the show stoppers, Flowergirl Peep:

Followed closely behind by her little brother.

And then, I found myself alone, with Papa Peep.

It was our turn to take the walk down the aisle.

I tried to look around and take in the moment:

But I could only focus on one person:

And after a quick hug:

I found myself in the moment I had preparing myself for the last 16 months or was that 29 years?

The feelings overwhelm me to this day. It was everything I could ever imagine.

Up next, the Ceremony starts, and I try to stay focused.

All photos by my favorite photographer: Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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