Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love by the Bay: Portriats of our Peeps

I am going to make this one short on words but full of portraits. They may not be that exciting to you, but these are our Peeps, so they deserve some attention.

We started off in the lobby of the fabulous Hotel Vitale with the Bridal Party:

I remember this moment vividly in the day. Mr. Peep sensed my stress from being off our time line. He looked me in the eyes, held my hand and said, all that matter is us. Then he smiled, and of course, I smiled right back:

From that point on, I started to melt like butter and decided to enjoy the ride.

Of course we couldn't forget the littlest peeps:

This is the point in the day where my littlest Niece discovers her Mom's bouquet- and doesn't really ever let it go...

Then we took a little walk. My dress caused quite a ruckus of honks and stares and cheers and best wishes!! Being cheered on by a City of strangers was one of my favorite parts of the day (what a surprise, I liked the attention- he he):

Seriously, being a bride is so much fun. I now make it a point to congratulate or cheer any bride I see!!

After our walk, we gathered near the Ferry Building:

We stopped and smelled the peonies:

Got a picture with Mr. Peep's Peeps.

Got one last shot of all the ladies together again,with some cheese on top:

Made the boys get in on the cheesy action:

And then headed back to the hotel to meet up with the family:

While family portraits seem like another formality of the day: If you do them right, they are your one chance to capture a moment with that person, so do try your very best to soak it all in.

I adore this series with Proud Papa Peep:

We couldn't forget about Mama Peep:

Or Mr. Peep:

At the end of the day, these photos of Mr. Peep with his Mom and Pop are some of my favorite shots:

Finally, enter in the rest of my Peeps:

Switch out for the rest of Mr. Peep's peeps:

And we are done.

Wait, one more picture.

Awwwww. Those J. Crew sale dresses were seriously one of my favorite purchases of the entire event!!

Notice the time- two minutes to four!!! While we missed our window for pictures of just us, we were right on track to go meet the Rabbi.

Up next, a 2000 year old tradition!!

All photos by my favorite photographer: Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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