Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love by the Bay: Cheers to our Peeps

One thing I am so glad we did during our wedding weekend- we took time to thank our loved ones.

Our rehearsal was at 4:30pm and the Rehearsal Dinner didn't start until 8pm, so it gave us a chance to have some Sparkling Wine delivered to the Terrace (made by Mr. Peep no less):

And a chance for us to Toast to our Peeps:

Mr. Peep gave the Men their ties for the big day. Lovingly wrapped by Mama Peep I might add:

We think they were a hit:

And he also gave the Groomsmen their reception Connies to match his own:

I gave my ladies their earrings, clutches and wraps:

Which was totally fun because they were totally blown over by my clutch making skills!!

And of course, we gave the little ones their gifts:

My favorite part was giving our Flowergirls matching necklaces with their initial on the front, and 'Love, Auntie Peep' on the back- you can see them wearing them here:

They loved them, but I think they loved the bracelets and cool magnet thingy that Mama Peep picked out for them even more:

And it gave us a chance for some great Pre-Wedding Family Pictures, The Peep Clan (minus the napping nephews):

I think we clean up pretty well. What do you guys think of Papa Peeps styling suspenders??

And the Peeps with FIL and Step-MIL Peep:

Overall the weather was beyond perfect, and it was so amazing to recognize all the important people in our lives. Even if just for a second.

How are you recognizing your Wedding Day Peeps?

Up Next, The Rehearsal Dinner.

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