Friday, August 14, 2009

Love by the Bay:Hair Stylin' and Profilin'

The morning after the Rehearsal Dinner, I woke up early and thought to myself- Game. On.

It's FINALLY our wedding day!! Whoot Whoot!!

To my bridesmaid's chagrin, right around 6:30am, I declared the day officially started and jumped out of bed. Sensing my nervous energy (really I wasn't hiding it), Sister Peep suggested a trip for coffee and treats at the Ferry Building's Saturday Farmers Market.

Seeing as that is one of my absolute favorite things to do- I bounded out of the hotel with her to pick up some amazingly appetizing treats. For the first (and most likely last) time in my life, we were at the Farmers Market before the stands even opened. I loved doing one of my favorite things, in my favorite City, and watching everything come alive. A perfect way to start an unforgettable day.

So my love for the Ferry Building's Farmers Market and San Francisco is not really what this post is about, but I had to provide you with a sense of how I started my wedding day. And even Anthony Bourdain loved the farmers market, just sayin- it's awesome.

Back to the wedding day- at the much more reasonable time of 10am- The Peep Gang headed to OxenRose to get our hair and make up styled and profiled.

I hope my ladies don't hate me, but here we are starting the day, sans makeup and hair:

OxenRose was an awesome place to kick off the party, we were the first ones to utilize their new events space. With an awesome patio and some delicious treats, we were more than happy to be the first group to enjoy it.

Bagels and coffee anyone:
Or is bubbly more your style:

After treats, it was time to get down to business and get prettified, here I am getting my make up done:

From where I was sitting I could see all the ladies getting their hair done.

Even my Nieces got in on the Big Girl action and got their hair done:

Of course my little niece had to be persuaded to sit in the chair by a cookie:

I even threw my hairdresser for a loop and asked for something completely different than my hair trial. Opps. But she took it all in stride. She took hair that started out like this:

And created a perfect side updo:

Here's a side view of the hair and makeup done- sans lipstick- (she was instructing Bridesmaid K on how to do the veil back at the hotel):

And because you deserve to see the final outcome, here's my hair with the dress and a fabulously large gardenia.

Picture from Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

Umm, yes, I loved how my hair turned out.

{PSA on Live Flowers: I loved wearing a real flower in my hair, but I would suggest to any Bride to switch it out to a fresh flower before the reception (which I had, but didn't use). At the end of the night, aka 2am, after lots of dancing and pictures it was wilted and brown.}

Oh, and just because I LOVE it (ha ha). Here I am ready to go in my wedding day zippy. It was 50% off at Macys and oh so appropriate for the big day:

In the end, we all looked gorgeous, and I still want to know how Bridesmaid J's hair and makeup looked absolutely perfect all night.

Are you going to the salon on your wedding day, or having the salon come to you?

Up next, Pre-wedding details amidst chaos.

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All pics by Mama Peep unless noted.

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