Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love by the Bay: Details in the mist of chaos

While getting all prettified at the Salon was super spectacular, we were late. I couldn't believe that my meticulously planned time-line was already off.

And getting stuck in traffic, a few blocks from the hotel no less, really threw me off. I wish I could say that I was a zen bride that let it roll off my back, but yo, we were late and in traffic. No bueno.

Thankfully, after hoofing it the last few blocks to the hotel, our rockin' vendors were already ten steps ahead of me. The flowers had been delivered and the photographer was already in the room capturing some amazingly awesome detail shots. So while I was trying not to freak out, the details shots make everything look like perfection!!

Without further ado, pre-wedding details.

Talk about a magazine worthy photo of my fabulous Peep Toe Sandals, which I comfortably wore all night:

And a pic of my something blue (my grandmother's aquamarine ring), our wedding rings and my engagement ring:

Oh wait, you want to see the invite with our rings, well here ya go:

And did I say something about flowers being dropped off??? Ahhh, Huckleberry Karen, you make my heart swoon...Check out the peonies, mums, roses, and dahlias in the bridesmaid's bouquets:

And my ridiculously perfect and gorgeous bridal bouquet- with my hand picked ribbon. The smell lingers in my mind:

Seriously, check out those plate size peonies!!

Mr. Peep still talks about my Bridal bouquet (and he even swears to get me a similar bouquet each year on our anniversary, le sigh, has it been a year yet??)

Well, during all these pictures, chaos ensued in the room. The ladies had the WORST time zipping up their dresses and I just went into spaze mode. Mama Peep was shocked when she came into the room, check out the look on her face:
Really, the raising of the eyebrows says it all.

Fortunately, we had our own entertainer to get me to relax:

My half naked Niece had the time of her life running around getting dressed!!

Up next, it really does take a village to help a bride get dressed. Here's a sneak peak:

For those married ladies, what kept you calm on the morning of the wedding?

All Photos by the Spectacularly Talented: Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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