Sunday, August 9, 2009

Capturing the Glow

I've written three whole posts on finding my bridal glow. My search started back on January 1, and it took almost 150 days to find it.

If you're keeping track- two days before the wedding, I was still searching for it.

But as I've said from the beginning, I did eventually find it, or did it find me??

Let me set the scene:

Who: Miss Peep Toe with Mama and Papa Peep

When: Two days before the wedding

Where: Amy Kuschel's Bridal

Why: Final Dress Fitting

I had spent the morning dropping Mr. Peep at work, picking up Papa Peep from the Airport, dropping off two car loads of 'stuff' to the Hotel, and picking up Mama Peep from my house so we could all make it to the dress shop by 11am.

Talk about an exhausting morning. Yet as always, walking into Amy's was like a dream. Isn't it so pretty:

Before I tried on my dress, I showed Papa Peep the runner up:

And we got a chance to go up to the 6th floor and see where they make all of their dresses, (the shop/show room is just one floor down on the 5th floor):

Look at all those dresses just waiting to be worn!! Any AK brides waiting to pick up your dress? I bet it's in the picture some where!! He he.

I even got to meet Amy Kuschel herself who was gracious and gorgeous (love the fringe):

Finally, I got to try on my dress. Unfortunately, the dress was still a tad long, but they assured me that I could pick it up the next day and it'd be ready to go, which it was.

I don't know if it was Papa and Mama Peep's presence or that the dress fit perfectly (minus the hem), but I finally was able to envision my walk down the aisle towards Mr. Peep, and I couldn't wait!!

My Bridal Glow hit me like a two ton truck.

It was the kind of glow that makes you smile so much you feel like your face is going to fall off.

That makes you laugh with your whole body (a la Mrs. Cheese).

That makes you cry tears of heartwarming joy (hello, ugly cry face).

And that makes you smile towards the heavens because you know you've found the one.

I looked into myself and felt like a Bride, I felt like running towards my Groom and becoming his Wife. I felt it from the inside out, and from that moment on, I was ready to get the party started!!!

With that. RECAPS!

When did you finally find your bridal glow? Or are you still waiting for that moment?

The first 5 pictures are taken by the lovely Mama Peep and the last four are from the super duper talented Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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