Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Love by the Bay: An Old, but New to Me, Tradition

When deciding that we were going to have a Interfaith-Jewish wedding there were a lot of Jewish traditions that were new and intriguing. For one, the Ketubah signing.

I am far from the first Bee to post about this 2000 year old tradition, but for a little background, I found this link and this link helpful. To sum it up, back on the day, the contract was used to protect the wife, to ensure that she is provided with basic life necessities and to solidify her dowry.

For us, we used the Ketubah as a way to document our love in a contract and so we could hang in our home as a reminder of our love and commitment to one another. It doesn't hurt that Ketubot are beautiful works of art and today there are a lot of options out there for more modern, less traditional, interfaith couples.

So, about 30 minutes before the wedding, we gathered our Family and wedding party in the Hospitality Room to witness the signing, and seal our marriage. Since the pictures speak for themselves, I've included the text that we choose for our interfaith Ketubah:

As we embark on life's journey, we promise to love, cherish, encourage and inspire one another. Our hearts fuse together, creating a unique bond with friendship and compassion at its core.

Through this union, we vow to value and support each other, always striving to show sensitivity to each others needs. We shall nurture one another emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, embracing our respective qualities, strengths and heritages.

May we continue to grow together, maintaining the courage and determination to pursue our desired paths. We promise to celebrate life's joys and grace and overcome life's adversities with tenacity.

May we maintain the intimacy that fosters trust, honesty and communication. As life partners we shall strive to build a home emanating love, peace, charity and tolerance. Through each others eyes, we see the world anew: may we be better together.

Instead of realizing that both the Ketubah and marriage license were signed and that we were officially married, it was the first time all day that I started to really relax. I forgot I was a Bride, and I tried again to be 'cool' Auntie Peep:

You can dress the girl up, but you can't take her anywhere.

While my very first Ketubah signing was successful, we were suppose to have 15 minutes to go back to the suite, freshen up and relax, but I hadn't planned on the fact that the guests were arriving right outside our door. We were stuck. To make things worse- I had to pee and I had forgotten my vows upstairs.

Uggg, the dramas of a bride. At this point MOH/Sister Peep kicked it into high gear and went running (in four inch heels no less) to the suite on the other side of the hotel to find my vows. While, FSIL Peep truly became family and came to my rescue. Peeing in a bathroom next to a room full of people is officially my worst nightmare, but she held my dress as I peed. And it goes without saying that I'll love her forever.

Moments later, MOH Peep was back with the Vows, and after a quick hand off to the Rabbi, I gave my brightest smile to the photographer:

And we were ready to go!!! Whooo hooo.

Did you do any traditions on your wedding day that were new to you??

Up next, it's taken a long time to walk down such a short aisle.

All photos by my favorite photographer: Amanda at Blueberry Photography.

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