Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love by the Bay: Peeps Guide to Running Your Own Rehearsal

Before I dive into the rehearsal, I have one suggestion for you up-and-coming brides: The day before the wedding- do at least one selfish thing! Get a mani/pedi, a massage, go workout, eat french fries, etc. Just do one thing just for yourself- or maybe follow my footsteps and do the whole list. Put yourself first- for at least 20 minutes. Personally, it's what got me through the weekend.

Ok, now that that is out of the way- back to the Rehearsal.

Most brides are lucky and they have someone to help guide them through the rehearsal, be it a Wedding Coordinator or DOC, someone from the Church or Synagogue, a Pastor, Rabbi, or family friend. But some Brides, aka this one, are left to run their own Rehearsal.

I've only run one rehearsal in my life, but here's Mrs. Peep's guide to running a rehearsal.


1. Email all the folks that need to be at the rehearsal one week in advance with the date and time (If you are getting married outside- set the time exactly 24 hours before you get married that way people will have a feel for the light and the weather).

Mr. Peep and BIL Peep

2. Decide the order of folks walking in, and who will walk in with whom. This takes more forethought than you can imagine. AKA if Brother Peep is in the wedding then will his wife, who is not in the wedding, walk down the aisle?? For us it was even more complicated because we had such a narrow aisle that we couldn't send down sets of three.

Mr. Peeps and MIL Peeps

In the end our order was: the Rabbi and Chuppah Holders, Groomsmen/women, Grooms Parents and Groom, Mama Peep with BIL Peep, Bridesmaid/MOH, Flowergirls and Ringbearer and Papa Peep and Me.

Me with a Proud Papa Peep.

3. Delegate one person on each side of the aisle the MASTER set up plan (aka a map of who is standing where) so they can answer side questions if need be.

A horrible picture of me, but you get the point.

During the rehearsal:

1. As the Bride, start the rehearsal off by 'nicely' asking for everyone's cooperation and to listen for just a few brief moments. Hopefully, you can use the- I'm the Bride, listen to me card- if need be.

The Flowergirls listening attentively.

2. Set everyone up where they will be standing and/or sitting during the ceremony.

3. Have everyone process.

(Bridesmaid J and SIL/Groomswomen M laughing that they have to Process together)

4. Have everyone walk back in to their spots to make sure they know what they are doing.

Humm, Did I ever tell you about the lace Chuppah I made? Maybe next time.

5. Congratulate everyone on a VERY successful rehearsal and break open the champagne.

In the end, running my own rehearsal was fairly painless, but I will say it did detract from me enjoying the moment (as I forgot to grab my shower bouquet), but since it only took 20 minutes it did not detract from the day or the reason. So if you have to run your own rehearsal- fear not- just be organized, short, sweet, and stay on task.

Do you have your own rehearsal tip? I'd love to hear it.

Up next, Cheers to the Wedding Party

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